Is Yiwu Market open on Sunday?

Is Yiwu Market open on Sunday?

Yiwu Market, also known as China Small Commodity City, is a large wholesale market located in Zhejiang Province, China. Known for its wide variety of products and affordable prices, this market attracts thousands of buyers from all over the world every day. As a potential buyer, it is crucial to know when the market is open so that you can plan your visit accordingly. In this article, we will briefly explore whether Yiwu Market is open on Sunday.

Is Yiwu Market open on Sunday?

Chapter 1: Understanding Yiwu Market

Before we get into the details, it’s worth understanding what Yiwu Market is and why it’s so popular. The marketplace features more than 75,000 suppliers from industries as diverse as apparel, accessories, electronics, and home furnishings. It attracts thousands of buyers every day due to its affordable prices and the convenience of purchasing various products in one place. The Yiwu market mainly includes five major markets. For details, click to understand the distribution of products, so as not to find your own products correctly.

Chapter 2: Opening Hours of Yiwu Market on Weekdays

Yiwu Market is officially open from 9:00am to 5:00pm daily, except certain holidays. These times apply to all areas within the market complex. However, some shops may close early, especially during low season. Therefore, it is best to confirm opening hours with the supplier beforehand.

Chapter 3 Yiwu Market on Sunday

Yes, Yiwu Market is open on Sundays. Unlike many other wholesale markets in China that are closed on Sundays or have shortened business hours, product wholesalers in Yiwu are particularly industrious, and perhaps this is why the Yiwu market has thrived for decades, and is open 7 days a week. However, it’s worth noting that Sundays may not be as busy as weekdays, as some vendors choose to take the day off or open later than usual.

Chapter 4 Holiday Yiwu Market

During major Chinese festivals such as Spring Festival, National Day, and Mid-Autumn Festival, Yiwu Market may have different business hours. It is advisable to check the exact dates and opening times of the market during these times as they vary from year to year. Some stores may also be closed for a few days around the holidays, so it’s best to plan ahead. All in all, avoid the important festival time in China, and find your treasures in the sea of goods in Yiwu market at other times.

Chapter Five: Tips for Visiting Yiwu Market

The following tips will ensure your visit to Yiwu Market is a success:

1.Be Prepared

Bring the product you are interested in and a list of its specifications so that you can communicate effectively with the supplier.


Haggling is a common practice in the market, and suppliers often offer discounts for larger orders.

3.Wear comfortable shoes

The market is huge and you’ll be walking a lot, so it’s important to wear comfortable shoes.

4.Be respected

Vendors work hard to make a living and should be respected. Be polite and professional when negotiating the price, even if you disagree with the terms.

Chapter 6: Conclusion

In conclusion, Yiwu Market is open 7 days a week, including Sunday. However, be sure to check with the supplier for hours, as some stores may close earlier or open later than usual. By knowing when the market is open and planning ahead, you can have a smooth and successful buying experience at Yiwu Market.

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