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We are an experienced FBA Sourcing, PREP and QC in China, with many years of experience in sourcing, preparing and shipping products to Amazon FBA warehouses. We serve professional e-commerce and Amazon sellers all around the world with Goodcan service. Find out more about FBA Sourcing China services.


Our FBA Sourcing China service allows you to lay back and let us do all the process. Starting with the suppliers, up to delivering directly to Amazon's warehouse. We take care of everything for you. Such as, designing, packing, labeling, certifications and much more.


If you’re already buying your products from Chinese manufacturers, we can provide you different aiding services to ease up the process for you. We will do product inspection, labeling, packing, bundeling and any other FBA preparation you need for your product.


If you need delivery assistance, we are at your service. We can help in shipping within China, shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses in USA, Europe, shipping to your own warehouse, etc. We can assist with Fast air delivery, or ocean delivery; as to your needs.

FBA sourcing is the most important task for an Amazon seller, and it takes time… lots of time… So we are here to help!

When we have a new sourcing project coming in, our team will source the product, deal with all aspects of the purchase, quality assurance, certifications (FDA, FCC, SGS, etc.), marketing materials (photography, package design and copywriting), product inspection, product preparations for FBA, shipping preparation to FBA, shipping, US customs, etc. Our team manager will keep you in the loop at all times. You will be making your own decision along the way (starting with pricing, logo and graphic design, product photography, delivery options).

·Want to import from China but don’t know how to start? ·Want to get a competitive price but don’t know which factory is reliable? You always get a competitive quote from us.
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