Yongkang Hardware market

Yongkang – known as Lizhou in ancient times – was established in 245 AD (the 8th year of Wu Chiwu, during the Three Kingdoms period) and has a history of more than 1,700 years. It is said that Sun Quan’s mother, Wu Guotai, came here as a pilgrim because of her illness, and gave the city the name “Yongkang” (“Yongbao Ankang”, meaning: “Safe and healthy”) after her recovery.

Hardware industry advantage

Yongkang is the core area of the "National Top 100 Industrial Clusters" hardware industry cluster.

Entrepreneurial innovation

Yongkang people have a unique set of traditional advantagesin industry, manufacturing and market development. There are40,000 registered enterprises in the city, ranking first in Jinhua

Livable environment

Yongkang is making great efforts to create a livingenvironment of "elegant city and beautiful countryside", andthere are simple and elegant antique pedestrian streets in thecity



Power Tools


Building Hardware

Home Appliances

Fitness Equipment

Automotive Industry

Outdoor Leisure




Yongkang is the engine of industry in central Zhejiang, and its industrial economy ranks among the top 19 in the province. The total industrial output value of 79.97 billion yuan will be realized in 2020. On the basis of existing industries, Yongkang will vigorously develop three advantageous industries of modern hardware, high-end equipment and new materials, and speed up the construction of an “advanced manufacturing base in China and even the world”.


Yongkang in history is known as the “hometown of 100 workers”. Its hardware industry has a long history, with the beautiful legend of “The Yellow Emperor casting the tripod” living on since ancient times. There are the traditional skills of sword making during the Spring and Autumn Period; of crossbow making in the Han Dynasty and bronze guns casting in the Tang Dynasty. There is a fine tradition of craftsmen doing exquisite work and a long-standing “craftsman culture”: Yongkang is a place with no shortage of artisans, and its reputation attests that “Yongkang artisans go everywhere, and every county and county never leaves (Yong)Kang”.


Yongkang, known as Lizhou in ancient times, with a total area of 1049 square kilometers, is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province and southwest of Jinhua. There are Fangyan, a national key scenic spot, Shicheng Mountain, where the Yellow Emperor of South China camped and made copper tripods, and the Wufeng Academy where Zhu Xi and Chen Liang once lectured. Xijin Bridge, the longest stone pier, wooden beam and double eaves corridor bridge in China, Zhiying Town, a national historical and cultural town, is famous for its folk art.

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