Yiwu artificial flower market is located in yiwu international trade city district 1 first floor.

Market open from 9:00am to 5:00pm. after more then ten years of development for this market, it already has more than 1000 shops sells various kinds of artificial flower and artificial flowers accessories.

Many of them prefer you buy a sample first then deduct that money from your future orders. Buying a sample is usually a bit more expensive than the wholesale price.

All shop assistants have no difficulties quoting prices with their calculators. Some of them can speak easy English. But if you want more details, you may need a translator.

Yiwu Artificial Flower Market

Yiwu artificial flower market is strict by the high imitation, High quality, rice variety of the products, low price has been accepted by customers. Products are exported to Europe, Middle East, Russia, South east Asia, Japan and other countries. If you would like to place an artificial flower, artificial flowers accessories, Yiwu market it’s your No one choice. Yiwu artificial flower market products include: rose, lavender, lily, sun flower, Calla lily, Gerbera, Ivy, Rattan, flowers miniscape, miniature bonsai and wide variety of products. Here we have what you want, Whether it is a novel appearance or the quality of products.

The service quality is just OK. Still lags far behind of developed countries. You won’t be surprised to find some guys are more interested in their movies or computer games than their GOD-the customers.

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