Hair Ornament Market Products: all sorts of hair accessories, hair bands, hair clips, hair combs, wigs…
Hair Ornament Market Scale: about 600 stalls
Hair Ornament Market Location: Section A and B, F2, Yiwu International Trade City D5.
Hair Ornament Market Opening hrs: 09:00 – 17:00, all year round except a close down during The Spring Festival.

Yiwu Hair Ornament Market Products

The hair ornament market is one of the most developed and successful markets in Yiwu. This is a Yiwu international trade city with all necessary facilities like air-condition system, beverage vending machines and restaurants.
However, the biggest problem for this market now is the shortage of space. Too crowded! This is also a proof that the business here is very good.
I have to say that hair accessories market is the paradise for the business man who is related in this line.
The suppliers display their samples in their booths which are updated frequently, you can go into the booth to choose the goods, and if you have some items that you can’t find in the market, you can ask the shop who you think they can do these items to produce them.

Yiwu Hair Ornament Market

The most important thing is you will not be asked for toobig quantities in this market. If you run into the shop has stock, you can buy smallquantity but mix designs for whatever you like. No matteryou have several shops or have just one shop, this market isthe best choice for your purchasing.

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