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China Guangzhou Foshan Furniture Wholesale Market

Introduction of big furniture wholesale market in Guangzhou & Foshan city. Like Louvre center, Sunlink market, Lecong Furnishing City etc. Introduction of the location, picture, address, product range and review of the market.

Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center

AddressLecong Section of National Highway No.325,Shunde,Foshan.Guangdong,China.
IntroductionLouvre offers all kinds of top brand furniture in living rooms, restaurants, bedrooms, study rooms, offices , outdoor furniture, lighting, home decoration, sanitary and a series of products for children & youths. Louvre is the best choice for you to get high-end furniture.
Quality & PriceLouvre is a top grade market with top grade furniture. The price is very high but all the furniture there is high-end and with high quality. Even though the price is high but it is still the most famous furniture market because the furniture is attractive and luxurious. It’s really a furniture market that everyone worth to have a look.
Chinese Name罗浮宫国际家具博览中心
Chinese Address广东省佛山市顺德区325国道乐从路段

Sunlink Furniture City North Section Shunlian Furniture City

foshan market
AddressNO.325 National Highway, Lecong, Shuande, Foshan, China
IntroductionSunlink Furniture City N. is a market with cost performance, for wholesale also at retail. It’s a furniture center major for redwood furniture, office furniture and home furniture. All kinds of furniture there is with good quality but much lower price than Louvre.
Quality & PriceThe quality of the furniture is good, and the price is in medium grade. Most of people can accept. It is a good choice for you to buy the furniture in good quality but not so high price.
Chinese Name佛山顺联家具城北区
Chinese Address广东省佛山市顺德区乐从镇325国道顺联家具城•北区

Lecong International Furnishing City - Sunlink Furniture City South Section

AddressXinlong Rd,No.325 National Highway, Lecong, Shunde, Foshan,China
IntroductionSunlink Furniture City South Section. is a lower quality furniture wholesale market also at retail. If you are doing furniture business, it will be a good market for you to purchase as its low price.


Sunlink Furniture City S. can be depart into four big parts:
1.Sunlink international sofa purchasing center
2.Sunlink hotel furniture purchasing center
3.European neo-classical experience
4.Sunlink soft decoration center

Quality & PriceSunlink Furniture City South section is a lower quality furniture wholesale market. It’s good to buy for sale with a reasonable price
for business from this market because almost all the shop inside is the “outlet store”, It is Located next to Louver Market but the price is really obvious different.
Chinese Name佛山顺联家具城南区
Chinese Address广东省佛山市顺德区乐从镇325国道新隆路段

Furniture market pictures

Main market location

FAQ about the market

Yes, the furniture market here open everyday, only close during Chinese new year.

In furniture market, most people can not speak English and some of them can understandsimple English words like price, qty. If you want to talk more complicate like change style.material and production time then better hire a English-Chinese interpreter.

No, most furniture suppliers here do NOT accept USD cash even transfer. You canwithdraw local currency RMB with ATM or hire a local agent for payment.

Yes, most of them accept small gty even for one

Yes, there is 1-2 small halal restaurant close to furniture market. Also you can order fromonline App and they will send to you.

Yes, the close metro station is Kuigilu. But still need taxi for 20 mins after metro. So notvery suggested to go by Metro.

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