Yiwu festival craft market mainly involve hair accessories, masks, artificial flowers, toys, festival cap, festival clothes, red envelopes,christmas craft and so on more than one category.
Yiwu festival craft market mainly exported to the United States, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, the united Arab emirates and other countries.
As the U.S. economy recovery, be able to release the potential of export to USA market, which makes products output rising yiwu festival.In addition, because of yiwu foreign trade enterprise attaches great importance to the festival supplies market, emerging markets such as Brazil, Egypt, Mexico festival supplies demand rose sharply.Buyers from all over the world wholesale gifts from China.


In order to improve the quality of export of yiwu festival supplies products, export enterprises should put the good raw materials quality, further standardize the enterprise quality management system, and strengthen technical service, improve the competitiveness of the internationalyiwu wholesale market.
Products: all sorts of hair accessories, hair bands, hair clips, hair combs, wigs… Scale: about 600 stalls Location: Section A and B, F2, Yiwu international trade city D5. Opening hrs: 09:00 – 17:00, all year round except a close down during The Spring Festival.

Hair accessories markect

The hair ornament market is one of the most developed and successful markets in Yiwu. This is a market with all necessary facilities like air-condition system, beverage vending machines and restaurants.

The suppliers display their samples in their booths which are updated frequently, you can go into the booth to choose the goods, and if you have some items that you can’t find in the market, you can ask the shop who you think they can do these items to produce them.

Artificial Flowers Market

The main market is inside Yiwu International Trade City , on 1st floor of District One, sharing the same floor with toys market.

Over 1000 shops are selling artificial flowers and artificial flowers accessories there.On the 4th floor of District One, International Trade City, there is a Taiwanese owned section. You can find some really quality stuff there.

Artificial flowers market is one of the earliest local markets, has more than 10 years history.

Yiwu Toys Market

Yiwu Toys Market is the largest wholesale toys marketplace in China. Toys are also one of the strongest industries of Yiwu. You can find all big China toy brands like ULTRAMAN from Guangdong and GoodBaby from Jiangsu. Of course you’ll also see tons of smaller brands and local non-brands.

There are around 3,200 stalls for electric toys, inflation toys, plush toys, toys for toddlers, toys for grannies… on the first floor in district one of Yiwu International Trade City .

Yiwu Festival Craft Market


The Christmas market is filled by Christmas tree, colorful light, decoration and all of the thing which related to Christmas carnival. It is different with other place, for this market Christmas is almost last a whole year. More than 60% Christmas decorations of the world and 90% of China are produced from Yiwu.

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