Guangzhou clothes market

Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Market

Guangzhou has the biggest & most professional clothing markets. Like Baima market, Liuhua, Yima market etc. They have a very large variety of clothing with different price range. You can find latest trend here, as well as all kinds of wholesale clothing brands.

List of wholesale markets

Baima Wholesale Market is the largest-scale, best-decoration, most-standardized-management, most-traded clothing market in Guanghzou. There are about 2,000 shops in the market. It is not only the middle-high-grade clothing wholesale market and retail market, but also the clothing brand franchise center. Many mature women’s clothing are sold here, but the price is the most expensive among the wholesale clothing market in Guangzhou. If you want to buy some high-quality women’s clothing, come here!
Zhanxi Clothing City
Zhanxi Clothing City mainly manages wholesale and retail clothing with low and middle-grade, engaged in leisure clothing. This clothing city is made of plenty of shops and office buildings. Most of the shops are factories and they possess the capacity of producing the world famous brand clothing. The price is comprehensive, you can find low, middle and high-grade clothing here.
Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market
Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market is mainly engaged in all kinds of brand wholesale clothing. You can choose middle and high low-grade men and women clothing here which is mainly from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and so on. Liuhua Clothing Market has a large variety of clothing with a low price.
Yima Clothing Plaza
There will be more individuals in Yima, the price of the clothing here is not very low but with bad quality. The price is quite different between wholesale and retail. Many shop keepers here sell low-grade clothing whose quality is a little bad. Also, the style is not fashionable. From first floor to third floor, most are low-grade clothing.
Tianma Clothing Wholesale Market
Yima Clothing Wholesale Market covers an area of 30,000 square meter. From basement level one to third floor are shops; basement level one is mainly engaged in wholesale men’s clothing. There are various of famous brand clothing are sold on the first floor. What’s more, second floor and third floor sell different kinds of leisure clothing, sweater, fur coat, business suits and so on. Additionally, numerous products from different clothing factories will be shown on forth floor to eighth floor.
Huimei International Apparel City
The design and decoration of Huimei International Apparel City is bright and modern. It sells clothes in the style of Korea with a not very large area. Most of the wholesale and retail clothing here are middle-grade, having a good quality.
Hongmian International Fashion City
Hongmian International Fashion City sells middle and high-grade modern fashion clothing, mainly engaged in wholesale. First floor and second floor are for clothing, third floor is for shoes and bags. Most of them are of good quality. The official focused on creating conference of fashion week from 2006. Additionally, product dimension and creation of Hongmian International Fashion City are improving which make Hongmian International Fashion City become deeply loved by individuals.
Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Market
Jinxiang Underwear City plays a leader role in Chinese professional and high-grade underwear wholesale markets. It is mainly engaged in underwear, bras, pants, home clothes, socks, woolen products and so on, with over 1,000 shops in it. The bars which are sold in this market have a good quality and the price is cheaper than Huimei.
Guangzhou First Avenue Cloth Market
Guangzhou First Avenue which is mainly engaged in leisure clothing has fully integrated Fashion Women Clothing Street, Leisure Clothing Street, Business Leisure Men Clothing Street, Korean Clothing Street, Young Men Leisure Street, Children Clothing Street and Underwear Street seven streets, covering an area of 55,000 square meter. It is so large that many tourists are easy to get lost. You can also buy shoes and bags here. What’s more, the quality is very good which makes individuals satisfied.
Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market
Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market opens very early so it closes very early too. If you want to buy wholesale clothing here, you’d better come here early in the morning. Its open time is to 2pm during peak season, and to 12am during off season. This wholesale market mainly manages clothing, suits, sports suits, underwear; female bags, men bags also.
Yimin Clothing City
Yimin Clothing City is one of the prominent new professional wholesale markets, creating over 1,000 clothing brands in eight years with over 3,000 excellent clothing physical stores in it which makes it becomes the largest-scale, the most standardized-management markets in Shahe clothing markets. It is mainly engaged in jeans, women clothing and young men clothing.

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