Inspection & Quality Control

Goodcan aims to provide our clients with the highest service expectations, with Quality Control being one of the most important. Our many years’ experience is at your disposal, to offer you the most comprehensive QC inspection services to ensure you get exactly what you expect.As your partner in China, we provide a 100% guarantee for you

Factory Audit

Befere we place an order with the supplier, we will audit each factory for its legality, scale, trade capacity and production capacity carefully. This ensures they possess the ability to complete your order to the standards we demand

PP sample

We will ask the supplier to make a pre-production sample for confirm before they make the mass production, , If any issue is detected, we are in a position to quickly correct or change to avoid further issues in this area


Yep. You read that right. You may be thinking, if I have to pay someone to inspect my products, and inspection doesn’t directly improve quality, how can it lower my costs?
Despite the fees you might typically pay someone to visit your supplier’s factory and inspect, product inspection actually tends to lower most importers’ overall costs. Inspection does this mainly by preventing costly rework and limiting defects that result in unsellable goods.

During Production Check

This is performed once the production is in full swing. Once 20-60% is complete, we will randomly select units from these batches for inspection. This ensures the quality levels throughout the production cycle, and keeps the factory on track

Pre-Shipment Inspection

This inspection is usually performed when the production is almost complete, we will check with you which CBM container you need to order and which shipping date and line you prefer.sending all inspection picture for you reference

Container Loading Check

The Container Loading Check is essential to make sure that goods received from suppliers are in accordance with the order requirements such as quality, quantity, packaging, etc. after checking the workers will start loading the goods safely into containers.

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