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China Guangzhou Foshan Building Materials Market

There is biggest building materials market in Foshan China, which is next to Guangzhou city. Here you can find all the building materials for a house. Like flooring, doors, windows, skirting, lighting, hardware, paint and wallpaper etc. The product here is really comprehensive.
There are several building materials market in Guangzhou & Foshan, while Huayi building materials market is the biggest market in China. It covers an area of more than 54,000 square meters with more than 600 suppliers inside.

Huayi Building Materials Wholesale Market

Opening Hours10:00am – 18:00pm
AddressJianyuan Road, Chancheng, Foshan, Guangdong, China
IntroductionThis is the biggest market for building materials in China. You can find most decorative materials that you need for a house here. The market covers an area of more than 54,000 square meters with more than 600 suppliers inside.
The market is divided into 4 sections, East, North, West and South Section. Each section has different products. Main section for export is the South section.
Product Scopewood doors, aluminium Door, windows, flooring, wallpaper, lighting, kitchen cabinet, socket, skirting, ceiling, glue, ply wood, stone, hardware
TipsYou can find mid-range to high-end quality.
There are many manufacturers here.

Guangzhou Nanan Road Building Materials Market

AddressNan’an Rd, Zhongshan 78th Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Nanan building materials market is a big area, this area contains several markets inside. Like Yangcheng Decoration materials market, Guangdong Decoration market. But they are selling same items, so there is not too much difference among these markets.
Here you can find all kinds of building materials like tiles, sanitary, hardware, door, windows, lighting etc.
Located in Liwan district in Guangzhou, this market opens very early in the past and it is well known for most foreign buyers. Most suppliers here are not manufacturers but wholesalers.
TipsIt is not very suggested to buy from this market as the suppliers here do not have very good reputation.
Open Time10:00am ~ 18:00pm
Chinese Address广州市荔湾区中山七八路南岸路

Sunlink Lighting and Kitchen Cabinet City

AddressXingle road,lecong town,shunde district,foshan
IntroSunlink also call Shunlian lighting and kitchen cabinet mall has two part, one is for lighting and one is for kitchen cabinet. For lighting market, you can find many kinds of lighting there, the price is medium, for both retails & wholesale. For kitchen cabinet, you will find so many different type of the cabinet in here. There is always new design of kitchen you can find here.
TipsThe quality here is good and price is medium. Not too expensive. This is the most popular for you to choose kitchen.
Open Time10:00am ~ 18:00pm
Chinese Address佛山市顺德区乐从镇兴乐路

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