Chaozhou Ceramics market

Chaozhou is a famous historical and cultural city in China.

After reforms and opening up of the city, the economy developed fast. It formed what we call the four pillar economic pattern of “ceramics, food, clothing and electronics” industry.

Chaozhou is one of the major ceramic production areas in China with a ceramic production history of more than 1, 300 years.

It is a large ceramic industry cluster in China with four kinds of ceramic products namely: household ceramics, art ceramics, sanitary ceramics and special ceramics. There are about 4, 000 ceramic production enterprises here with over 250, 000 employees.

This is China’s largest production and export base of arts and crafts ceramics and daily-used ceramics. Most enterprises are located in Fengxi district, Chaoan district, Xiangqiao district and Raoping County.

Guxiang town and Fengtang town in Chaoan district of Chaozhou city are also called “the first town of Chinese sanitary ceramics” and “the important town of Chinese ceramics” respectively.

Ceramics from these areas are exported to more than 160 countries across the world. We also have more ceramics selling locally and to most of the provinces, cities and regions in China.

The annual output value is about 40 billion yuan, and the annual export value is about 1.5 billion US dollars. Chaozhou ceramics are mainly made of medium and high grade products.

This market not only sells all of the ceramics made by the factories in Chaozhou,but also ceramics products made by the factories from all the country like Tangshan, Hebei , Guangxi, Fujian, Sichuan and son on, even sells the ceramics productsmade by manufacturers from France, the United States, Britain , Spain, Italy , South Korea.Many factories directly set up the in the market and run the operations of distributor. Products include architectural ceramics , garden ceramics, industrial ceramics , ceramics , art ceramics, sanitary ware , etc.

The quality, class and brand of the products are competitive and influential in domestic and foreign markets.

In terms of product category, innovation ability, industrial development and scale, Chaozhou ceramics are in the leading position and level in China’s ceramics industry.

There are more than 3,000 varieties of ceramic products, the majority of the products are sold directly or in wholesale, and also have retail, agent purchasing, agent distribution.Pottery.


Porcelain products are sold throughout the country, Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and regions.

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