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Where is the toy manufacturers in China

The toy manufacturers in China is located in Chenghai District, Shantou. Going to Shantou is the best choice for you if you want to import toys from the Chinese toy manufacturers or buy directly from the china factory. It now has more than 12,000 local toy, gift, and anime manufacturers, franchisers, and service providers. Now four listed companies have sprung up in this area. They are Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture, Huawei Toys Craft, Qunxing Toys, Rastar Group.

Chenghai now has formed a complete toy industrial chain, which includes toy design and development, mold making, producing and processing, printing and packaging, exhibition and trade promotion, logistics distribution, and so forth.

Top 8 hotels in Shantou

There are many cheap and comfortable hotels in Shantou, from $24. You can search it on Google, also you can check on and

1. Howard Johnson Glory Plaza Hotel

2. Shantou international hate

3. Sheraton Shantou Hotel

4. Regency Hotel

5. Shantou Junhua Haiyi Hotel

6. Shantou Regency Apartment

7. Lavande Hotel

8. Vienna Hotel

Toy Exhibition Hall

If you want to find the toy factories in Shantou, you must visit the toy exhibition hall. It’s the best way to find out the toy manufacturers. The toy exhibition hall is unique to the Shantou toy industry. It provides a platform for toy factories and toy buyers to find suitable factories and products.

Toy exhibition hall is the big toys showroom that shows all categories of toys, you can find all the toys you are interested in here and get the quotation list of the factory, including the contact of the factory.  It’s easy for you just like buying in the supermarket.

For free!!! Yes, it’s free for buyers! The toy exhibition hall is a service for the buyer, it helps buyers sourcing toys more easily, and helps them find the toy manufacturers. They charge for exhibitions from toy manufacturers and help factories serve buyers well. Just like you visit the toy fair, it’s free for you, but you can get most of the toy factory information. But you can’t visit it by yourself, you need to visit it with the toy agent.

Online Toy Exhibition Hall In Shantou

Due to the impact of COVID-19, many buyers cannot come to China to purchase toys. So they built the online toy exhibition hall to service buyers that more convenient to sourcing toys.

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