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Keqiao international light textile markets has been now a very famous fabric source for customers from home and abroad.There are located different fabrics markets in Keqiao District,many clients have known this area well,so they know how to source different fabrics from different market zones.But still there are many new foreigners are not so familiar with the markets,as there are more than 10 markets in Keqiao District,so if you don’t do your homework,you really can not carry out your work efficiently.for the convenience of the new customers,we write down the following guides for them

There are mainly 11 market areas in Keqiao District(international light textile city in Shaoxing,Zhejiang province)

  1. The North market
  2. The North market zone six area
  3. Tian Hui market
  4. Beilian curtain fabric market
  5. Eastern Market
  6. Union market
  7. Old Market
  8. Dongsheng Road market( or named as knitted fabric market)
  9. Xi shi chang Market
  10. Grey fabric market
  11. Yuezhou gong mao market

The markets are a lot,but these markets are selling different kinds of fabrics,so we need to sort out the fabrics in different market zone.let’s see below

First and formost,let’s focus importantly on the North market,in the North Market of the first floor

section 1,they mainly sell the fabrics of cotton,T/C,peach fabric,canvas fabric,yarn dyed fabric,jeans fabric and some pocket lining fabric

section 2, in the first street,they mainly sell mesh fabrics,lace,knitted net fabrics,some chiffon fabrics,in the second street,they  mainly sell mesh fabrics,lace,embroidery fabrics,in the third street,they mainly sell rayon cotton,poplin,embroidery fabric,in the fourth street,mainly are knitted jacquard,tricot and burnout chiffon fabric,in the fifth street,there are printed knitted fabric and some cotton fabric,in the sixth street,thy are mainly satin fabric,chiffon,in the seventh street,almost all the fur fabrics

section 3,these section are also with different streets,but mainly products are suede,canvas,jeans fabrics,cotton fabrics and so on,you could go around easily

section 4,the fabrics there are mainly as follows: corduroy,plush velvet fabric for toys,suede fabric,linen fabric,flocking fabric,linen or linen look fabrics,specially in the fifth street of this section,there are all the different kinds of shirt fabrics.

Section 5,there are mainly also the shirt fabrics and the cotton fabrics

In the second floor of the North market,also there are different fabrics selling there

In the section 1,mainly mesh fabrics,knitted fabrics and the fabrics for traffic police purpose of use

In the section 2,mainly of the curtain pole,curtain blind or curtain blind fabrics and some curtain accessories

In the section 3,curtain accessories and sofa fabrics

In the section 4 and section 5,there are fabrics mainly including hotel fabrics and curtain fabrics.

In the third floor of the North market,they are all selling the curtain fabrics and the sheer or voile fabrics.

If you are a customer for curtain fabrics,you can visit the north market third floor,and also Tianhui market and Bei lian curtain fabric market,these three areas including all different kinds of curtain fabrics,blackout fabrics,organza fabics,and cushion and upholstery fabrics

If you are a customer looking for the knitted fabrics,you can firstly check the north fabric market that I metioned above,and then checking around the Dong shen road market,this is the market specially for knitted fabrics.

If you are a customer sourcing for the suiting fabrics,pay great attention to the Uion Market.there are different kinds of TR,TRW,suiting fabrics

If you are the customer looking for bed cover fabrics,checking around the third and fourth floor of the old markets.

And if you want to buy the stock fabric,there is a stock fabric market which is very popular for the customers from the African countries like Nigeria,Kenya,Ghana,Asian countries like Bangladesh,Pakistan,Afganistan and so can buy cheap,but sell well,so that is why many customers like there too much.But now,this stock fabric market has been torn down and under new construction,it is to be finished around 2 or 3 years.So the stock fabric market had temporarily moved to the grey fabrics market.You can find some stock fabric there as well.

Hope these info will make some contribution to you when you are sourcing in Keqiao ~

If you are looking for sofa and upholstery fabrics,you can also feel free to contact us,we have different styles for selection.If you are in Keqiao,welcome to visit our showroom here.

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